Friday, November 27, 2009

du calme, s'il vous plaît - merci

So I am dog sitting right now and do not feel that great... the one dog, bless his heart, has a lot of heart and loves to vocalize it quite a bit. He's great, though. If anyone dared to break in, I would definitely be protected!

I have begun my french lessons!!! I am so excited! My friend, Jade, and I have covered some of the basic phrases, verbs and conjugations. I am surprised at how much I remember from high school. I just received my workbook in the mail, so I 'll be starting that this week. This is fun to do, but it also serves as great prep if I do go ahead with the Harvard language school...Love it.


  1. Is the dog in the picture the dog you are sitting for? Or is it a random internet dog? Either way, it is too cute!
    You'll have to teach me a few French words. All I know is "Bonjour". ;)

  2. That is a random internet dog that looks a lot like one of the dogs I am watching right now. :)

    For the French: there are actually quite a few verbs that are similar to spanish. Can't think of an example at the moment b/c it's 2:30 am... i will get back to you on the French thing :)